Display House : Empty experience room




What I saw at the first glance was the most primitive and pure face after the demolishing of the mold. It seems to be superfluous to add too much decorative surface material. So we began to reflect on the essence of the space for sale. We hope to see it. Yes, the beauty of the building itself, trying to let the building speak for itself.

The base is 5 meters away from the building. It is an environment that lacks natural light. What we need to do is to illuminate its beauty, hide the light behind the white gauze, and let the pipeline appear vaguely, like a wonderful show coming soon.

With the guidance of white columns, follow forty-five degrees to proceed, we can see a corrosion wall defines the spatial center of gravity, a column template reveals architectural traces, a transparent grid screen separates the penetrating but independent mini-spans, accompanied by people’s conversational sounds, looking at the light traces of the ceiling, and experiencing the harmonious coexistence of spatial contrast.



IMAGE/PHOTO CREDITS:  XJstudio & Clivelan



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