Villa W

相即設計 - Villa W

慢步自然 意韵相生

座落在那的 是原有靈魂以新風貌存在著

位居一望無際的角度 俯視由點線面拼湊成的街景

入了門 放慢步伐 靜靜聆聽 才發現身處在寂靜的對話裡

質樸的石材 綠意的色彩 搭配溫潤木質調

冷暖的溫度 將時間靜止 這一切回歸自然

光與樹影的交織  不會因日子推演而消逝


默然中 知道這一切的耳語仍在談話著

慢步自然 意韵相生-01.jpg


感受這房子所帶來的春夏秋冬 透過晨昏日夕之光

天然彰顯的材質 減法的設計 更使人沉醉在其中

輕巧節奏的步伐  優美串連上下空間








慢步自然 意韵相生-02.jpg

慢步自然 意韵相生-03.jpg

到了晚霞 山風吹來 走在空曠露台上


夜裡  寧靜夜晚蟲聲鳴鳴

拉出時空背景 她一直坐在這裡




你說 這何嘗不是一種享受?慢步自然 意韵相生-04.jpg慢步自然 意韵相生-05.jpg慢步自然 意韵相生-06.jpg

Stroll in natural glamour

In a new feature situated the original soul.

From an angle of extensive view, looking down at the street pieced with points, lines and planes.

Enter the door and slow down the pace, listen quietly in the silent dialogue.

The unadorned stone and green hue matching with the gentle timber

With each coldness and warmth stops the time and returns to the nature.

Through the intertexture of light and tree shadow which won’t fade away in the deriving of days

And the reflection in the mirror greeting to the eyes,

It becomes clear that in the silence, our whispers keeps chatting for ever and ever.

Stroll in the room

And experience the day and night of each season in the house.

Intoxicated in the visible quality of natural material and the design of subtraction,

The agile steps gracefully link the spaces up and down.

The lazy sunlight sprinkling on the platform

Is attracted by the trace of branches and leaves in front of the window.

One may steps on the rocks barefoot,

Touches the newborn leaves with both hands,

And Seeks for the fragrance of fruit from the distant place

Feel the variation of different texture and material

To remember these touching tactile senses with the eyes closed.

On the open balcony in the sunset glow and the mountain wind,

Recover the emotions from the natural world.

At night, in the chirping of insects in the peaceful darkness,

Out of space, time and the background, there she has been located all along

Just in another feature.

The beauty of architecture is not a fixed form

But to savor her characteristic integrating with the nature.

Say, isn’t it a kind of enjoyment?


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