Secret Land




This is a journey to the mountain when living in the noisy and messy urban areas.



Gently touch the rough and natural wood door, which is the password to natural. Do not be stunned by the abundant vitality here! Remember to kindly ask for the directory to the secret place from the greeting stone, and then you can freely change your style with trimming bang of steel brushed wood layer, dip dyed white ceramic file, straight mirror and black mirror.


Sudden thunderstorm takes place in the afternoon; quickly hide into the wooden cabin for shelter and rest before your hair gets wet! During the rest, tiny light shines from the mysterious cave behind the cabin. Out of curiosity, it is discovered that lively antique bricks are placed around, quietly waiting for the release…



When the sky clears up, the steep stones on the sides come natural light, flowing like waterfall. One could not help but follow the silky thin black string and climb up along the light; take a rest in the forest and platform, and then up again.



At night, the teakwood layer is fatigue and hangs down to the floor. Twinkling stars keeps guiding the adventurous spirit and rest the tiring body. In the dream discover the root in the soil of that mysterious cave, passing through the trunk, and then climbs up to the gross treetop.



Seeking for the secret and quiet land in the noisy city, it is discovered the abundant natural life responds to our thirsty heart; this is the priceless meaning of this journey.



IMAGE/PHOTO CREDITS:  XJstudio & South-Fish


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